Thursday, January 29, 2015

Smelling Roses

My goal for February, besides finishing more stuff in the basket, is to take new photos of all the wares in my Etsyshop. I think when it comes to online selling photos are key to sales. I am not great with the camera but I think I have a fairly good sense of composition. Now if I could figure out how to use my camera to it's full potential... My big dream is still to be featured by a great photographer.

About two years ago, I thought I had it all - that I was right on the brink of fame. This ridiculously famous photographer had agreed to take some pictures of my dolls. She has made many a doll maker quite famous by taking one or two truly amazing pictures. Then POOF, the sweet deal went away.  Funny how life sometimes goes.

Can't cry over spilled milk. Must keep going. And always when you get a chance: Stop and smell the roses! I was sewing a few doll dresses and head scarves with roses this week. Then I saw this cloth rose in my studio and took some photos of my own. Too bad it didn't really smell. But NEVER underestimate the power of the imagination. I think little Ulla got to smell the sweetest rose ever in my studio this morning...She insists!

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