Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Doll Face Embroidery Tutorial

I just finished writing and posting my second Dollmaking Tutorial. I have been working hard on it for the last couple of weeks. As I write and draw I find that I very much enjoy this new challenge. Since English is not my first language it is a bit of a struggle. Sometimes I may have to look up a word or expression. I really want to help folks make better dolls.


I hope my new line of tutorials will be a success and spread the fun and excitement about handmade German dolls. There is nothing better you can give to a child in your family or to a beloved friend than a gift you made with love with your own hands!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Almost Giveaway...

I am currently doing a drawing for  a $1 surprise egg on my Facebook Fanpage. If you have not entered yet you should definitely go and check it out!


Who will find this little one in their Easter basket this year? I am excited for the winner of the drawing tonight. If you want to enter stop by my Facebook Page very soon!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Nicki - my little pink haired rockstar

I have never worked with Tibetan Lambskin. I had been admiring dolls with this type hair from afar for quite a while. They look so soft and lovable. Finally I made the jump and tried the material for the first time.

It was very hard work. My hands ache from sewing the leather. But I understand now why people are hooked on that stuff... It is soooooooo incredibly soft.

Let me know what you think of little Nicki. I spent most of the day yesterday fighting to get those little curls under control. Do you think it was a success?

Little Nicki dreams of being a rockstar

Nicki is in my Etsyshop now!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Reading Doll

I have decided to put my little Cinnamon up for auction at 4 EDT. She really is lovely little thing and I hope somebody will offer to give her a good home.

Meanwhile she decided to spent this cloudy day reading. Hope you enjoy the photos.

What could be more fun than being totally engrossed in a great book?

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Germandolls - Patterns for Sale!

I am so excited. I just finished writing my first tutorial for making a doll. It took me many hours of drawing, and writing, scanning, and then redoing everything over.

But it is finally done and available in my Etsyshop. Hope you check it out!

germandolls pattern

Friday, April 4, 2014

Inspecting the Garden

Like I said: Baby Cinnamon loves veggies and green stuff.

We had to go outside this morning and check on the garden beds. Looks like everything is in good order. The lettuce we planted a few weeks ago has germinated nicely and is growing bigger every day.

There was only one complaint: The garden beds we built last year are too tall, and Cinnamon had to stand on a bucket to be able to see the plants. She actually managed to lean over too far and fell into the bed. Poor thing! But no worries! She didn't get hurt or anything.

Thursday, April 3, 2014


How do you feel about cinnamon? I love cinnamon. It's best consumed sprinkled on hot oatmeal in the morning. In German we call it Zimt. Not a very pretty word in my opion. I much prefer the English version. So after thinking about a name for my latest little baby I decided to go with Cinnamon.

Hope you enjoy my pictures of little Cinnamon. She is a very good baby. She always eats her veggies. Sleeps through the night. And never makes a big fuss during car rides or when it's time to go to bed...