Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Hello dear Waldorf dollfriends! Looks like another six months have gone by without me posting on my beloved blog. Who has time for blogging? Apparently not me. I just stopped by for old time's sake. If you see this post please leave me a note. Kind of like going to the beach and finding a bottle with a message in it.

Who are the people in the photo? They are my kids. They are almost grown up. Seems like yesterday when I made that first doll for my little girl. Now she is learning to drive. A - M - A - Z - I - N - G . How did that happen? 


I still enjoy teaching German. Being a teacher is so rewarding. I feel so honored to get the opportunity to introduce middle school kids to the German language. It's not an easy job. I come home and I am just exhausted. I found that standing in front of a classroom takes a whole lot of energy. More than I ever imagined. But it is all good. I love it. 

On the days I am off I make some little dolls now and then. Over the summer I worked hard to fill up the shop with doll clothes and other little treasures so folks don't have to go without germandolls for Christmas. If you have time, please visit my shop and hopefully you will find something for a friend or kid who needs a hug or special price.