Friday, November 30, 2012

Ready! Set! Decorate!

Where has November gone? I am so not ready for the Advent season to begin. But ready or not here we go. we must think about decorating the house. Hubby put up some outdoor Christmas lights last weekend.
To tell you the truth, I am not much of a fan of it. When I first moved to the US I thought it was cheer crazyness how much energy is being wasted that way. Really people? Here I am hanging every load of laundry to cause less of a carbon footprint and folks are just going nuts with holiday lights.

DH doesn't go overboard like that. Still it's wasted energy in my mind but at least we agreed to upgrade to the energy saving LED type lighting last year.

 I pulled out my doll sized Christmas tree from storage. It looks so cute with my little angel babies starting to populate it as I make them. I need to finish a couple of custom sets for some folks.

                                                          Are they adorable or what?
My goal is to fill up the whole little tree with every color under the rainbow.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sophie and her Baby

Sophie and her Baby, originally uploaded by germandolls.

I just finished this sweet doll and her baby. I love them so much already. I hope they find a good home for Christmas.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Deck the Halls...

I had this idea to make Christmas stockings for my dolls in my head forever. I just never got around to making them last year. So what better time to create a new product then when you are in the midst of the holiday rush? LOL

They look so adorable hanging by the mantle.

It's tough to surprise my own daughter when it comes to doll clothes and accessories. Since my workspace is just a little nook in the entryway to our home, I cannot hide things from the family. When she saw the first doll sized stocking she yelled - "Oh, that pink one is for me, right?" Being a dollmaker really puts a dent in the Santa Story...

I wish I had my own room with a key and lock to work in. But here I am with my fabric, threads, and packages spilling out in every direction of the house. Some day... Unfortunatly it might be after the kids move out.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

The house is filled with the delicious smell of freshbaked pumpkin pie. I am so very thankful for having a husband who makes blue ribbon pies. Put a dollop of whipped cream on it - it's like heaven. At least that what I imagine it to be like.

This morning I tried to convince dear hubby to make a deconstructed pie. Seems like so many people have been talking about it on various cooking shows. I dug up this one recipe that looked good. Unfortunately the champion pie baker didn't go for the idea. Tradition, you know... Maybe next year. I think I might sneak some sugar and cinnamon in the whipped cream anyways. Pst! Don't tell!

While waiting for the big feast I am working hard on some more doll orders. Luckily we are not having the party here. We will go to friend's house for our yearly International friends Thanksgiving. I am so very gratefull that I don't have to clean my crafty mess.

I am thankful for friends! What would we do without them? It would be a very small feast with just the four of us since we have no family near.

Hope you are having a good day with your family and friends! If you are traveling, stay safe on the roads!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Getting Ready for Black Friday

My little shop is well-stocked. I got more shipping supplies, boxes, tissue paper, and tape galore. I am ready for the storm. I hope. I just created a coupon for my fans who have been waiting in the wings. It's always nice to get a little discount, right?

So here is my cutest fan picture revamped with the info on how you can save. Just note that the coupon won't go live until Friday morning. I may have to stay up late to enter it on my Etsy. So if you have your eye on a certain item in my shop come early. I don't take any more custom order at this point.


Holy Cow! She can't believe it's 10% off...

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Look what I got in the mail!

It just arrived. Check out this sweet little wooden doll bed from Quietude Quilts! I love it so much. It came packaged so nicely in a simple box with instructions for assembling it. To tell you the truth, I have not glued it together yet. I was too excited to take some pictures right away.

If you are looking for a natural doll bed, please visit Kelsey's and Jonathan's Etsyshop. They make a great products and are lovely people.

What better place to put a dollbaby who is feeling a bit "under the weather"? Little Babette gave me the thumbs-up when she saw the new bed. She crawled right in there and took a little nap. =)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Purple Angel Dolls

I just finished this sweet set of little Angels. Well, technically, only the big doll has wings and is an angel, but the little baby is quite angelic looking, too. I love angels. Have you ever felt the presence of an angel?

I feel we all need some in our lives. Sometimes they are real people who take care of us and give us a boost when things are not going so well...Sometime they are imagined beings, floating around us comforting us when we most need it.

Right now I am okay. Sales in my shop have really picked up and I enjoy the business of my little business. The constant mess in my workroom. The pieces of thread and tape sticking to my clothing as I float back and forth between my house and postoffice.

I am so relieved the stupid elections are over. No more people coming to my doorstep harassing me. No more phone terror. calls about voting for one or the other party. Best of all my FB stream of messages from friends is back to normal. I got so tired of all the hate. Thank God this is over!

The world will keep spinning and angels will keep watching over us. No matter what, we will be all right!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Cutting into History

I love my Lutheran Church. It doesn't have flashy screens nor loud live rock music. The children might prefer a more modern spin on religion. I am oldfashioned and hoping my type of church will survive...

One of my best friends at church is Dorothea. She is in her late 80s and still lives by herself. We have the greatest conversations on Sunday. We talk about the kids, her grandkids, and my dolls.

Recently she asked me to come over to her house. She told me she had a couple of things I might be able to use for my craft. Little was I prepared for the gifts she bestowed on me. She brought out an old box filled with scraps of old lace and ribbons. I am not certain how old some of the pieces are. I looked up the name of the company that made the box. It  was made by the company Cradle Knit that sold baby clothes. That company was around until the early 1960s. But then my friend pulled out a brown papersack. In it she had some trim which she had neatly cut of from old pillowcases. All of a sudden it dawned on me that they were handmade pieces of lace. Some of them where created via an old technique called tatting.

Do you know anyone who still knows how to tat? These pieces are so amazing. I looked at the small size of the stitches and can only imagine how long it took to create each trim. Who has the time to do this any more?

Now here I am with a big bag to use on my doll clothes and creations. I feel so very honored and grateful to my friend. I can't decide what to make. How do you even cut into material like that?

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Little Ballerina

Ballerina back at barre, originally uploaded by germandolls.

It's been 7 years since my daughter started dancing. Our little Ballerina is growing up...

Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Strange Kind of Club

It's All Saint's Sunday at church today. But I think this year I just don't have the energy to go to my Lutheran Church to light candles. Candles for all the people in my family who have died. The list keeps growing, parents, aunts and uncles, even young cousins. I would not want to leave anyone out. So we have decided to spend the day in the mountains instead. Maybe high up on the Rocky Mountains, I can be a little closer to all those loved ones we have lost.

A friend recommended a book to me recently. It's the novel Those Who Save Us by Jenna Blum. Looks like every book club in town has read it. I heard about it from many people. Kind of funny how people think that because you are German you need to read more about the Holocaust. I can tell you this much: All of my teenage school years' history lessons were dominated by this subject. We studied the topic inside out and outside in. We visited concentration camps, watched movies, and literally talked it to death. We were basically taught that the debt our people owe can never be repaid. But here I am reading another book about evil Germans. Oh wait, the book is also about the "good" Germans, but I don't want to give anything away, in case you have not read the book...

I am not sure why I get so angry when I find misspellings of German words and songtitles in books like that. It makes me wonder why couldn't the author at least have a German native do some editing and proofreading for her? I also could have pointed out to her that some of her notions of German food were stereotypical, and that we don't stick our hands in a mixing bowl while preparing Rouladen (German Beefrolls).

But I am still glad I chose to read the book. Besides the annoying stuff I found the story compelling and I am halfway through reading it.

As a teenager I would always have a little notebook while reading books. In it I would copy a passage that struck me as particular beautiful and that I wanted read over again later. Here is such a passage from the novel Those Who Safe Us. In this passage Max, one of the main character talks about death:

"The death of a parent, he says to it, is a profoundly life-altering experience, isn't it? When I was a child, I often had this feeling of God's In his Heaven: All's right with the world--that's Robert Browning. An English poet. But ever since my father died in the last war, I've awakened each morning knowing that I'll never again feel that absolute security. Nothing is ever quite right, is it, after a parent dies? No matter how well things go, something always feels slightly off..."

And a page later Anna decribes her feelings concerning her mother's death in the following way:

"It's like being in a sort of club, isn't it? A bereavement club. You don't choose to join it; it's thrust upon you. And the members whose lives have been altered."

I hope you folks reading this blogpost are not members of this strange club  I am part of yet. If you are a member, I hope you have some other members to share with and comfort each other on this day.


Friday, November 2, 2012

My First Hyena Cart Auction

Jammies, originally uploaded by germandolls.

I hope you visit my new shop on Hyena Cart. I started my first auction this morning. I hope this sweet pair find a good home over the weekend...

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy November or Not?

October went by in a blur. We didn't even get a Halloween pumpkin carved this year. My porch decorations were truly lame this year. I am just not as much into it as I used to be. Maybe because the kids are getting so big? Our oldest didn't even want to go trick or treating this year. He said:" Mom, who is going to give me candy? I am too tall." Wahhhh. Why do they have to grow up so quickly? If you have young kids, I tell you, enjoy every moment with them! Before you know it they will turn into teenagers, and then what?

Despite the warm weather we sadly had very few Trick or Treaters this year. I am sure many a parent was still weary and sad about the case of the little girl abducted and murdered in Colorado. It's hard not to cry every time one thinks about it. It's tough to explain to your 11-year-old that there are real monsters in this world. You may never recognize them since they might come in the shape of a friendly neighborhood boy.

All I can do to fight the infinite sadness of such thoughts is make more sweet dolls. Maybe if each child got to love and nurture a sweet baby doll the world would be a better place?

It's All Saints Day. I am lighting a candle for my mom, my dad, and all the sweet little girls that went to heaven long before their time. Sleep tight little angel, Jessica.