Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

The house is filled with the delicious smell of freshbaked pumpkin pie. I am so very thankful for having a husband who makes blue ribbon pies. Put a dollop of whipped cream on it - it's like heaven. At least that what I imagine it to be like.

This morning I tried to convince dear hubby to make a deconstructed pie. Seems like so many people have been talking about it on various cooking shows. I dug up this one recipe that looked good. Unfortunately the champion pie baker didn't go for the idea. Tradition, you know... Maybe next year. I think I might sneak some sugar and cinnamon in the whipped cream anyways. Pst! Don't tell!

While waiting for the big feast I am working hard on some more doll orders. Luckily we are not having the party here. We will go to friend's house for our yearly International friends Thanksgiving. I am so very gratefull that I don't have to clean my crafty mess.

I am thankful for friends! What would we do without them? It would be a very small feast with just the four of us since we have no family near.

Hope you are having a good day with your family and friends! If you are traveling, stay safe on the roads!


Julie said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Ulla! And I hope you have a very successful Black Friday. ;)

germandolls said...

Hope you had a good one too, Julie! miss having you on the team!