Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hedgehogs / Igel

As I was making this adorable hedgehog dolldress set I showed it to my daughter. She asked me:" What is that animal? A porcupine?" She has never seen a hedgehog in her life. I guess hedgehogs don't live in Colorado. At least I have never seen one around. Now I am wondering if and where they live on the continent. Please, let me know if you have seen one lately.
In Germany hedgehogs are quite common. I grew up around these cute fellers. I remember our neighbor taking one in one winter. The law said that if you found a hedgehog in fall and it wasn't fat enough(under 500 grams) to survive on his own you could take it in and keep it over the winter.
Too bad I don't have pictures of real hedgehogs. But they sure live on in my memory and imagination. I had lots of fun making the set shown in the pictures...

Friday, February 19, 2010

New Easter Doll

One of my hot selling items last spring was made from another cute kawaii print. It also featured baby animals. This fabric is of the same great linen quality as the lamb fabric. It just feels so nice and crisp - and very natural. I guess what I dislike most about synthetic materials, is that they feel so bad when you touch them. Natural fibers feel just right! Linen is probably my favorite fabric in that respect. Unfortunately I cannot find the yellow chicks fabric on a yellow background any more. It appears to be out of print and has become rare. Please, let me know if you see it somewhere. I did find more of the fabric with a pink background. So the fabric addict in me got the pink "fix" instead. Blushes...
I finished this cute baby doll yesterday. I had a hard time deciding on a name when I was listing her on etsy. Any ideas, suggestions? She has lovely medium brown skin, brown eyes, and soft brown curls. And she wears one of the adorable sweet pink chicks dresses.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Spring/Easter Collection

I have a confession to make: I broke the fast and bought some more fabric after all. Oh dear! I just couldn't resist. I love this kawaii pattern with little flocks of lambs so much. Pictures can't convey it's cuteness. Little baby lambs are grazing in groups. There are tender sprouts growing in the field for them to eat, and purple and red butterflies hover in the air above the lambs. So darn cute. I know lots of children and their parents will agree when they see it in person. This is the cutest Easter item ever! "BahBah black sheep, have you any wool?"
You can choose between a little white sheep or a black sheep (baby) for the pocketdoll, according to the nature of your child. For my daughter I'd go with black...Her brother used to call her the "black hearted baby" LOL