Saturday, November 15, 2008

Another Christmas Doll

I just listed another Christmas doll. She is so sweet! I hope she finds a good home. I am having trouble taking good pictures these days. It is too windy and cold outside to set up my photo light tent. Yesterday the wind just picked it up and blew it right into the neighbors yard...

When I tried taking pictures inside it was too dark and the indoor lighting made the colors all weird looking. I could really use the help of a professional...Any tips for me?

I think pictures are so important when you sell your wares online!
I am also working on some more doll clothes to put under the Christmas tree! I love Christmas. It is my favorite holiday. So many memories... I will try and post some pictures of clothes when I get a good one...

How do you take your pictures in the winter time? Do you use a light tent? I am so frustrated with my photos at the moment.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Finally New Dolls! Yay

Finally I managed to add some new Christmas dolls to my store! I am so proud of this year's new Gingerbread Girl. I love her sweet face and wheat colored hair. I made it of a lovely Italian mohair that is just just so soft and wonderful!

I am also happy that I got to use my felting needles for this project. I take the needles along when I go to the endless Nutcracker Practices that my daughter is in. She was chosen yet again to be a parrot in this year's perfomance. So I have time to stab away and made the cute little gingerbread man. Hope he doesn't run away! I'd cry my eyes out with all the work that went into this little guy...

I still have to make a number of custom items. I have not managed to catch up on them all but I am working down my list. But here and there I must create things of MY OWN. It is hard to be a slave to custom orders. Sometimes one just has to be free and create what one wants...

Like this little guy you see below.

I made this cute boy doll Walker. I fashioned him after the son of friends. Love his wilde mop of hair. He is so cute the children want to keep him...But one has to make a living.