Friday, July 24, 2015

Fleeting Summer Days

Have you missed me? If so I do apologize. I hope your summer has been as busy and fun filled as mine. If you are following me on Instagram maybe you saw the pictures of the vacation our family took. We flew to Boston and visited the Maine coastline for a week. It was beautiful and just the kind of vacation we all needed. So much to see there. Loved the Lobster roll and all the delicious seafood. We saw lots of lighthouses, stuck our feet in the Atlantic Ocean, feasted on all kinds of seafood, visited witchy museums, walked in the Pilgrim's footsteps and so much more. Maybe I did get a bit a carried away by the whole experience... upon commenting about wanting to retire in Maine  various Facebook friends rained on my party, pointing out >how awful< the weather in North East was come winter time. Not suitable at all. Is that so? Any locals who would like to comment?

Anyways. It was a great vacation. I hope you got a chance get out this summer and see something new too.  Maybe you want to share your list in the comments?

Though our vacation lasted only a little over a week I have not found the time to write a post about it. The dolls in my doll studio are glaring at me accusingly. Why are you ignoring us? Well, life is taking a new turn for me right now. I recently received my contract for my new job. I will be teaching German at a Middle School this fall. So since my return from vacation I have been consumed by planning German lessons for the students.

But dear fans of germandolls, don't worry! I will still be making and selling dolls. Just yesterday I finished this darling set of Waldorf angel baby dolls. It was fun to touch a needle and thread after all this time.

But here I am on my new journey as German teacher... So wish me luck I accomplish great things in that area too!