Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Purple Angel Dolls

I just finished this sweet set of little Angels. Well, technically, only the big doll has wings and is an angel, but the little baby is quite angelic looking, too. I love angels. Have you ever felt the presence of an angel?

I feel we all need some in our lives. Sometimes they are real people who take care of us and give us a boost when things are not going so well...Sometime they are imagined beings, floating around us comforting us when we most need it.

Right now I am okay. Sales in my shop have really picked up and I enjoy the business of my little business. The constant mess in my workroom. The pieces of thread and tape sticking to my clothing as I float back and forth between my house and postoffice.

I am so relieved the stupid elections are over. No more people coming to my doorstep harassing me. No more phone terror. calls about voting for one or the other party. Best of all my FB stream of messages from friends is back to normal. I got so tired of all the hate. Thank God this is over!

The world will keep spinning and angels will keep watching over us. No matter what, we will be all right!

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