Friday, January 23, 2015

Basket Case...

So I have this little basket of unfinished projects in my sewing room. Mostly it is full of little dresses and doll clothing items that I cut out long time ago. You know, when you kind of get ahead of yourself. You think you can save time if you create more than one of the same item at a time. But handmade business just does not work that way. It is still handmade and really all this leads to is little baskets filled with stuff you didn't finish.

My goal for this year is to finish everything in that basket. Maybe if I finish about 3 pieces of clothing a day I will get through my basket by the end of July or so?

I put together this sweet little garden girl dress this morning. I thought I was completely out of that fabric. Turns out one last little dress was hidden in my basket. I was glad to find it. Voila! Here it is. I love that fabric! Takes me back to the time when my kids where little and helped us in the garden. They still help but are probably less enthusiastic about it than when they were toddlers. Back then digging was a great adventure. Now it's more like: "Do we really have to go weed the garden, Mum?"

Oh well. I do look forward to the gardening season. Can't wait for this long cold winter to end, get out the rake and shovels... Will my teenage garden helpers be there to help?

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