Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Bossy Bunnies

I am finally getting caught up with paperwork. Not exactly my favorite thing to do. I'd rather be sewing and creating new dolls. My tiny studio needed some major sorting and cleaning action. I finally got it all picked up. Who can tell? After a day of sewing there are stacks of fabric, patterns, and thread all over the place again. What is your secrete to keeping your studio clean and organized? Please, do share if you have one!

I have been kind of obsessed with making bunnies this year. It seems way too early. A peek at the calendar tells me I got until April 5 or so. But I love Bunnies. I just couldn't wait to make bunnies. I had a few requests for bunnies over the summer.  Bunnies are so sweet and soft. You can always use one by your side.

The problem with bunnies is that you can never have just one. Once you sew a bunny you have to make another, and another. At first they didn't have faces. They were sweet and soft and all was well. I just kept going with the bunny bodies since they were just too much fun. But then they started begging me for eyes and mouths. How was it possible? How did they manage to speak without mouths?

Before you know it your studio flows over with bunnies. And they are getting all bossy. Not so sweet any more, eh? If they keep it up I will lock them in the drawers until April. I really need to focus here. Doesn't Valentine's Day happen really soon? What about St. Patrick's Day? I love shamrocks and green...

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