Tuesday, January 27, 2015

No Hedgehogs Here

I have always wondered whether there are hedgehogs in the USA. I just checked on Wikipedia and apparently they are not native to the Americas.

From Wikipedia:
"A hedgehog is any of the spiny mammals of the subfamily Erinaceinae, which is in order Erinaceomorpha. There are seventeen species of hedgehog in five genera, found through parts of Europe, Asia, Africa and New Zealand (by introduction). There are no hedgehogs native to Australia, and no living species native to the Americas. Hedgehogs share distant ancestry with shrews (family Soricidae), with gymnures possibly being the intermediate link, and have changed little over the last 15 million years.[2] Like many of the first mammals, they have adapted to a nocturnal way of life.[3] Hedgehogs' spiny protection resembles that of the unrelated rodent porcupines and monotreme echidnas."

Booh! I love those prickly critters. When I was growing up in Germany, our neighbor always took some in for during the fall months as a rescue operation. Frau Possmann would catch the little fellers and weigh them on a special scale. If they were under a certain weight, not sure how many grams, she would keep them in a box in her garage and fatten them up. That's how many neighborhood kids got to pet and touch them. I swear they are the cutest little things.

Have you ever seen or touched a hedgehog? Well, even if you haven't you can still enjoy pictures or this really cute hedgehog fabric. I even made a bonnet to match. Little Wilhelmina was elated when she saw it. She has been reading about Hedgies and decided it's her favorite animal - despite the fact that chances she will ever meet one are pretty slim here...

I am thinking of making her little toy hedgehog to carry around in her pocket.

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