Monday, January 26, 2015

Blue Birds Jumper

Another unfished piece in my basket was this cute little blue birds jumper. You know, sometimes I cut out pieces for a dress, and it just so happens that I don't cut out all the parts. For example, I forget to cut out an arm piece or a pocket or whatnot...In case of this jumper dress I had cut out the apron part but forgot the top. You really don' t want to get to the end of a piece of fabric and find you have random pieces of dresses laying around. Waste not want not, right?

So little Willow was happy I did finish this particular dress, and she got to wear it. She loves the freedom of arm movement one has in such a dress.

as demonstrated in this picture...

I am definitely getting to the end of this lovely cloth. I bought it many years ago when a customer asked me to purchase some for her custom doll's dress. I liked it so much I searched all over the Internet to find more of this sweet fabric. It came in two color ways: blue and pink. I have never found another bird fabric I liked as much as this one. I like the tiny birds, the color, and the quality of this quilt fabric. Almost as cute as the birds that are playing in my front yard around our birdfeeder that my daughter has had trouble keeping full of seeds. It's a constant feeding frenzy out there.

Makes me hungry watching those little guys.

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