Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Whose clothes are these?

You'd think that a doll maker would make a doll first and then sew the clothes for it. Not so with me.

I have built a wonderful stash of fabric over the years. The most highly prized ones are imported fabrics from Japan. I just can't get over how cute these prints are. They live separated from all other fabrics in a special built-in drawer.

I did not know about Kawaii prints until a customer turned me on to them. It was about 4 years ago when a customer sent me a yard of this darling panda print. Her daughter loves pandas. and she asked me whether I could make her a dress. I told her that I could not afford to buy a yard of fabric that cost over $20 plus oversees shipping to make one dress. It just wasn't feasible for my little business.

So this very kind customer sent me a yard to make that special dress and told me keep the leftover fabric.

Once I worked with this fabric I was hooked. I have since ordered a few more yards in Japan or US suppliers who import from there. Waiting for a package from abroad is always very exciting. Though very expensive, I think these fabrics are worth every penny!

Just check out this little set in the photos. After that first yard that was given to me as a gift I ordered a couple more. Now I am down to the last few inches. So I made one more precious panda set. It comes with a little polka dotted bonnet (another lovely fabric from Japan) and matching undershorts and matching baby. I crocheted a pair of black boots to go with this lovely outfit.

Who will be the lucky doll who gets to wear this very special set? Any suggestions?

 I am thinking she may look kind of Asian to stay with the theme...


ANNASOER said...

Yes, Asian and a bright red flower in her hair will accentuate her dress.....idea?
Greetins and succes! xx

germandolls said...

I like the idea with the red flower. I'll have to make one. ;)