Wednesday, August 7, 2013

BonBon Babies

I recently sewed up a new dress with two smaller pockets, instead of one, for my waldorf style dolls. Of course, I had to put little babies in the littler pockets, too. Turns out my regular mini pocket dolls were too big. So I had to make even tinier dolls. Their heads are just ittybitty things.

My hands got a tad tired. All the tiny parts are sewn on. I NEVER use glue in my creations!

I love them so much. They remind me of visiting my grandpa's kitchen when I was little.

My opa was a mountain of a man. In fact, I was pretty scared of him when I was a child, because he was so big and often yelled at people. He lived to be 93 years old. In his final years he wasn't able to get up from his chair much. May explain his grumpiness...

Whenever I went to visit him he'd point to up to his old white kitchen cabinet. There was a chair parked next to it. I'd have to climb up on that chair to open one of the glass paneled doors, and look behind some dishes for a jar of candy that he hid from my aunt and dad. The supply of candy would change often. My favorite kind was the candy that is wrapped to look like a strawberry, with a red wrapper with little dots to look like seeds, and a green tip that made it look like a strawberry husk.

This is one my fondest childhood memories of my grandpa in Germany. I have no clue how he kept that jar always full when he never even got out of his house or even the chair from what I could tell. It was one of  one of those big mysteries.

I think I will wrap up my tiny babies like Opa's candy. Or bonbons as we call them in German. It's a word we adopted from the French language. Bon means good in French. And if something is that nice, you got to say it twice, right!

GermanDolls Bonbon Babies

I may not use the strawberry wrappers. But, as you all know, I am kind of partial towards little sweet things that one can stick in a pocket, and I very much like the idea of a twisted paper candy wrapper. I think they will go well together.

Maybe I'll hide a jar of little dollies on my shelf for my grand kids some day. I hope I can skip the grumpy part...


Greenhousegirl said...

When I was very young my grandpa kept Mallow cups in the upstairs atic closet. He would send me up to get them, too. After both of my grandparents passed, when my parents were cleaning the house out I put them on Mallow cup watch. They never did find any, which is probably good since they would have been 25+ years old!

germandolls said...

What are mallow cups? Is it something like marshmallow? Sounds like your grandpa was a lot like mine. At least there is a good chance that my dolls won't rot. LOL