Monday, August 12, 2013


Meet little Lillian, or Lilly for short. Isn't she lovely? I just finished her yesterday. She is the perfect little waldorf doll friend. Soft and cuddly, and quite well behaved as well. She didn't fuss at all when having her picture taken. Some dolls love to pose while others can be quite bratty. Not Lilly!

Could her sweet demeanor have to do with her clothing?

 Pink and green are two colors that look so great together. I am not sure why I waited so long to put a set like this together again.

What are your favorite color combos?
We may have to do another photo session outside when the weather is right.


ANNASOER said...

She's lovely, even when she didn't pose outside! xx

Bridget said...


germandolls said...

Thank you, Bridget and Anna!

Janet said...

I love pink and green...and pinks and and black...reds and brown...I love

Your dolls sre lovely...

Love the littles.