Saturday, August 10, 2013

Professional Photos by Nicolette Bardos Photography

Last month I had a lovely photo shoot with a local photographer named Nicolette Bardos. I am so grateful that she took the time to meet with me and take some awesome pictures of my waldorf style dolls.

I am thinking of using this group shot for a new shop banner

When you sell products on-line great photos are key. Since most of my customers live far away - some even half-way around the globe - it is very important to have good pictures of my waldorf style creations. I think I have gotten better at taking pictures over the years. I have learned to pose the little ones in my studio, make sure there are no stray pieces of thread on a shirt, or iron a dress before we have a photo session.

But going out into nature with a real professional was truly amazing. My photos are so pedestrian compared to what Nicolette can do. I don't know anything about cameras and lenses. Last year I finally figured out that taking a photo at high noon - when the glare is the worst - was probably not such a good idea. Silly me.

My photo shoot with Nicolette took place at a nearby park. I especially love the photos she took close by a small tree. After all, that's what waldorf style dolls are about: Nature! I think I'll have to go outside more often, get a new camera, and lots more practice. Maybe in another lifetime my photos will be nearly as good as the ones taken by Nicolette...

Usually Nicolette takes photos of people. Please, visit her blog here to see some of her amazing work. If you live in the area and need photos taken you should consider hiring her.

Thanks so much for your time and lending me your wonderful talent, Nicolette!


Betty Coll said...

Hi Ulla,
I love the fantastic photo of your beautiful dolls all lined up. Makes me want to purchase more of your unique dolls.

germandolls said...

Thank you so much, Betty! I really appreciate your kind words about my work.

Donna said...

Love your dolls! Especially the ballerina dressed in pink. She looks Locke a real little girl with that hair.

ANNASOER said...

Beautiful Ulla! These pictures do your dolls justice! Taking photo's is an art on itself ;)

ziezo said...

Lovely pictures Ulla, that is a perfect one for your banner!

Nicolette did a great job in bringing out the beauty in your gorgeous dolls.

germandolls said...

Thanks for the great comments. I hope Nicolette will come visit and see them. ;)