Thursday, January 17, 2013

Learning New Things...

My husband always gives me great toys for my crafting and sewing. My stocking is usually filled with with more or less useful gadgets. In Christmas 2007 I received a needlefelting kit. I have loved the art of felting ever since. Felt making is such an amazing craft. But I only do it when things slow down and when I have lots of time. After Christmas is the perfect time.

For quite a while I have been wanting to try wet felting. The tools used are so simple and readily available in any home. It all seemed such an easy thing to do.

 Well, I can tell you that much: It is not as easy as it looks

I wanted to create some treasure eggs for Easter to put my tiny dolls and needle felted creatures in.  In order to make them I read up on wetfelting and watched several videos on the internet.

In the end I made them my own German way, combining several techniques. If you want to wetfelt all you need is:

wool roving
water (hot & cold)
old towels
a bowl or two

+lots of patience...

I made blue eggs and some dark green eggs because those were the two colors I had tons of wool roving left over from needlefelting.

You can see the results of my first efforts in the photos here.
The felt is not quite as firm as I wanted it to be. But I still find my eggs turned out to be very soft and beautiful.

They make the perfect little soft nest for my little ones.


DaffodilAngel said...

These have come out beautifully, well done and a wee one fits in perfectly.

germandolls said...

Thanks, I am glad you like them. I hope I'll get to make a few more. =)