Tuesday, January 1, 2013

a string of moments

I don't know where I read this expression recently but I really liked it. How life is nothing but a string of moments and that the best we can do is try to make them good moments. Moments worthwhile remembering.

As I was browsing my FB friends' string of moments on this New Years Day morning, I came across a drawing of a doll made up as clown. It brought back memories of my childhood. One of those weird little moments. Maybe I remember it more because I have this rather strange polaroid photo of it.
In the photo you see me dressed up as a clown on New Year's Eve.

I am not sure why I did that. Why put on a clownsuit to greet the New Year? I have forgotten the names of the family friends, the couple, who came to celebrate with my parents that particular year. The lady looks rather scary in her 70s big hairdo and strange clothing. Her blouse kind of matches my clownsuit pattern. My sister looks tiny next to the lady. I am actually younger than my sister, but thanks to the clownsuit, I look much taller and bigger.

New Year's Eve was the only day of the year we were allowed to stay up late. We would also get a little sip of Champagne at midnight. But the best was staying up to watch the fireworks.

In Germany New Year's Eve is the only time when regular folks are allowed to buy fireworks and shoot them off to their heart's content.

Often there were huge controversies about it. People would argue how this was such a huge waste of money and resources. Wouldn' this money be better spent on food for people in the third world?
I remember the slogan: Brot statt Boeller. ( bread instead of loud fireworks).

I believe the foes of this sort of entertainment have never won the argument. Year after year some children and older folks get hurt because they don't follow safety rules using fireworks. My parents never had the money for such things. The only thing my dad would use to make noise was a blank gun. The loud pops it made was supposed to chase away the evil spirits and clean the slate for the New Year.

Did it work? I don't know. There were good years and very bad years for our family. I try to remember the good moments as best as I can. How about you?

I wish you all a very Happy New Year. May your string of moments be a long chain of happy and beautiful ones!

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