Monday, January 7, 2013

Must-See Van Gogh Show at the DAM

If you live near Denver I hope you got to see the Van Gogh show at the Denver Art Museum. If not you better hurry and catch it now. They have even added hours at night. Don't miss it!

We finally got to see it yesterday. I am so glad we did. The children love going to the DAM. It's a wonderful museum. And not only because you get to say a bad word without fear of getting punished. The DAM is a great museum to visit. It has a lot of interactive stations where kids can learn about art in a playful way.
I was really impressed how many young children came  to the Van Gogh show walking around with headsets and listening intently to his story.

Seeing the show left me deeply moved and yearning to get my oilpaints out. It's been a long long time since I did a painting. Could be years...At some point the sewing and dolls just took over my life. But who knows. I still have lots of time. Come spring I may bring out my easel and go back to painting.
We all learned so much from this art show. For one, how much beautiful art a person can create in only 10 years. Yet it seems so sad, to think, that Vincent died a rather poor man when his works sell for millions and have become the most desired artworks on the planet. It's a mad mad world.

On the way home we read some more about his life. It was kind of strange how the show told a completely different story from what I had learned growing up. There was no mention of a lopped off ear. I also remembered the story of his final days very differently. In artlessons at school I learned that Vincent took his own life. The version of an accidental shooting by a stranger was complete news to me.

What is the truth? Does it matter? I hope whereever you are Vincent, you can see the throngs of people flocking around your art and know what difference you made.


Anonymous said...

That looks like a wonderful exhibit! I've always heard the same story of his life as you, I've never heard a different one!

Bridget said...

I am thrilled for you that you got to see the show. I went to a Can Gogh exhibit at the Metropolian Museum of Art NYC in the 1990's and was in awe to be so close to his masterpieces.