Monday, March 16, 2015

Surprise Box

I was feeling kind of tired and defeated last week. After working so hard on redoing my listings on Etsy, taking new photos, listing more items, rewriting descriptions over and over again - still, no orders in sight. So I went to take a nap. Nothing wrong with a good mid-day napping session, right?

Then there was a knock on the door. It was a delivery guy with a big box. My first thought was that it must be a birthday present for my daughter since it was her birthday that day. But I was wrong. It was a box sent by one of my customers who lives in another country.

I was floored. Then I felt tears welling up. How did she know? Or was this just a coincidence that this package should arrive on such a day when I was feeling really down and out about my little business?

Besides a whole bunch of amazing candy, the box held this totally groovey doll bed complete with mattress, pillow, blanket, and box of doll bandages. The theme of the box was obviously CARE & LOVE, since the blanket and the box had matching Red Cross signs sewn and painted on them.

Right now, I want to take the little dolly band - aids and stick 'em on my doll business. It is obviously ailing and in a bad way, and I just don't know how to fix it. If this downward trend continues it may not be worth to have my Etsy shop any more and I may have to close it.

However I want all the people who have been a fan of my work to know that I am utterly grateful to them. Even if I have to quit my business I have enjoyed every minute of being able to share my work with the world. I have made the most wonderful friends through my doll business and I feel utterly humbled by the kindness I have received from this customer and many others who have supported my art since I opened my business in 2008.

Via this post I want to thank you all and especially, dear Jennifer and Claire, who put together this magical box. I have never met you in person but I will always remember your kindness and thoughtfulness!

Much Love,
xo ulla


Jennifer I. said...

Dear Ulla,

Now I am the one who is in tears. I am not one who believes in coincidence. I put together this package several weeks ago but couldn't manage to drag myself to the post office for well over a week. I am so happy it arrived when it did and it was meant to show our care and love. Esther was Claire's first best friend. I still remember her opening the package Christmas of 2010 and how sweetly she started playing with and caring for her first real doll. For three years they were inseparable. It has only been this year that Claire has stopped taking Esther everywhere with her - my baby is growing so fast. Esther still gets tucked into bed every night.

This package was just a small way for me to send you some of the love and care that Esther has provided to Claire over the years.

I am sorry your business is struggling and I hope it turns around for you soon. 2400+ etsy sales represents a lot of love you have sent out into the world. I am forever grateful that we found your little shop.


germandolls said...

Hey Jennifer, You are wonderful and I truly hope we get to meet some day in real life! Thanks for everything! Say "hello" to Claire and Esther for me, please!
xo ulla