Monday, March 9, 2015

Spring is coming...

I can feel it in the air. Spring is on the way. As much as I love spring,  I don't care much for the springing forward of the clock. It makes people grumpy. I read in the newspaper that it's actually not good for our health. Supposedly heart attacks go up by 21% with the changing of the clocks.  Are you a fan of daylight saving time?

Well my day started with a very grumpy teenager around here...A trying morning. But now everyone is gone and I am enjoying the peace of my little studio. When stressed out, creating new dolls is the best therapy.

I realized it's been a long time since I made a little felted leaf buddy. I found two little pre-cut felt leaves waiting in my basket. I must have cut them out a long time ago. So all I needed to do is transform them into little cozy beds for the dolls.

Then the peaceful work was interrupted again. Just one of those days. Teenage boy forgot something. Another trip to school to bring the forgotten items. Oh well.

It was good to come back and finish the little ones you see in the pictures. I'd say a very productive morning - against all odds.

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