Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What If?

I am so sad about the news in Oklahoma. Unimaginable. Your kid  at school and there is no place to hide from such a storm. Those poor teachers trying to keep their charges safe. What a nightmare!

On May 22th, 2008, almost 5 years ago to this day,  a tornado ripped through Colorado. Luckily it didn't hit our town directly. It obliterated a dairy farm on the outskirts and destroyed a neighborhood in the neighboring town of Windsor. However, this tornado struck not too far from our childrens' school. Approximately half a mile. Makes you wonder - what if? You just don't want to go there.

It so happens that our school is putting up a brand new middle school building. We need space for more kids to come. It appears that the building plans did not include a shelter of any sort. Who has money to waste on a basement? The old building does not have a basement or shelter either. Makes one wonder where our kids would go if such a thing should come to pass.

Back when my mom was still alive, she'd always call after the news of a devastating tornado in US. She was convinced that all houses in the US were build of matchsticks - not solid like the German brick house I grew up in. I swear the walls of my childhood home were 2-3 feet thick. I would always assure her that we were fine and our house was well-built. Watching the devastating news about Oklahoma I am not so sure of it any more...Especially when I think of my kids' school. Maybe it's time to ask the principle what the plan is? Do you live in tornado country? What plan does your child's school have for evacuation?

I guess all we can do is pray for the folks in Oklahoma. Pray and donate money to the Red Cross. May the people in Moore get lots of help and comforting words as they live through this horrible nightmare.

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