Friday, May 24, 2013

The Arrival

the following email arrived in my box this week. at first I was a bit worried. then I had so smile. finally I  laughed out loud. you must love your US mail carriers. they are such unique folks.

Dear Ulla,
The tracking said my package was out for delivery so I was on the "look-out" for it.
I was far away in the garden (after work) when I heard the mailtruck coming.
The substitute carrier is not good about packages, she left one at a neighbor's house earlier this week!
I ran to the house while she continued up the deadend dirt road that is our street. No Package!
I went down to the road and waited for her to make the return trip, I knew she had my package.
She did. She said she didn't deliver it because she saw a black snake rearing up and was scared.
I told her that was the black hose for my rainbarrels but she wasn't convinced.
I scrubbed my hands before I opened the package.
"Laura" and the watermelon dress are safely in my home.
Much love and appreciation,

Well, I am glad Laura arrived safely. No snakebites either...

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