Thursday, May 16, 2013

Germany: Rheinhessen

Just a quick note to let you know I made it back safely from my trip. I am still suffering the effects of jetlag and way too little sleep while traveling. Who has time to sleep when there is visiting to do?

Here are a couple of quick shots from my trip. I took the two shots while traveling by car from my youngest sister's house to another sister's. The colors are so bright. I swear I didn't edit these photos. They look like expressionistic paintings, don't you think? Too bad I didn't have time to sit down and paint. Maybe another trip. This is the area I grew up in. Isn't it amazing and beautiful? The only difference from back when I was young are the windmills. Alternative engergy is reallly big in Germany at the moment. You can see windmills and solar panels all over the place.

If you have never visited Germany I hope you get a chance some day. Rheinhessen is beautiful. May and June are a good time to go.

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