Monday, May 20, 2013

Gas Station of Love

I started this doll before I left for Germany. I really wanted to push through and mail her out. Now I am glad the customer who ordered this baby told me not to rush. All good things take time.

I love how little Laura turned out. She has a sweet expression. Her dark olive green eyes have a wise look to them. She has lovely wild brown hair. I bought the yarn for her hair from a rug weaver on EBay a while back. I am almost out of it. Only one more doll and it will be gone.

Laura's dress is made from an aqua green floral print. The print is a retro 30s style pattern. I have a hard time finding this material. The fabric I used on Laura's dress was a gift from a dear customer.

I think this doll oozes love. Why I think it spilled over from all the love I received from my family and friends while visiting the Vaterland. Each trip feels like a trip to the gas station of love.

And the best thing about that gas station: The price never goes up. In fact, it is given entirely free of charge, and you don't have to worry about the bill...



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