Wednesday, May 22, 2013

It's official: I am a Hoarder...Help!

Okay, I am totally exaggerating. I am not that bad. And my house is not gross and filthy like the ones you see on TV. I could never live like that and find those stories hard to believe. Did you know that they have a show like that on German TV, too? People are people - no matter where you go in the world...In Germany they are not called hoarders. They call folks like that "messys"( not sure about the spelling). But I think it's funny how more and more English words are becoming part of the German language. I'll have to write about that topic another day.

Are you a collector of things? Is there something you have too many of? Well, with me it's fabric. I love it so much I had to enforce a fabric-buying- moratorium on myself. It's been in effect for two years. I have been really good about it. Of course, there is always the occasional slip-up. I am at HobbyLobby, and I see this cute cloth with rabbits on it. Boom! It somehow winds up in my shopping cart.

If you have too much of something it's crucial to keep good track of what you got. Otherwise you may end up with even more stuff. So it happened to me that I couldn't find my box of "patriotic" fabrics. I went through my whole stash - every single clear plastic container - and it about drove me nuts. I really didn't want to go out and buy more fabric to make a couple of dresses for Independence Day. Finally I realized that I had put the fabric in a separate box on a shelf. Why? Because I  have very little of it left. I swear I have less of a yard of red,white, and blue fabric. Pats self on shoulder.

STILL. This was a good reminder that I need to downsize. Our house is very little, and my studio space is a tiny room in the entryway of our house. That's how I end up storing my supplies in plastic containers and linen closets all over the house. Some day I hope to have ONE room of my own that is just for my doll stuff. If you want to help me reach that goal please visit my shop and buy something. I will have a "help-save-Ulla-from-becoming-a-hoarder- sale" very soon.

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