Saturday, February 9, 2013

Suave ~ Smooth

I got a new toy the other day. You will never guess what it is.

I had bid several times on old washboards on Ebay. You know there are tons of them listed. But it seemed that I would always get outbid at the last minute, and the price would go past $20. Then the next day I would see a very similar looking item relisted by the same seller. I can't say for sure, of course. Hmmm. But I smell something fishy is going on.

Then the shipping would be another 10 - 15 bucks, and I just didn't see it as feasible to spend that much on a tool I don't know how often I will use. I definitely didn't wasn't looking for a rickety antique to hang on the wall.

After searching for weeks on the internet, Hubby brought me home a washboard from a little Mexicano store in town. Figures that they would carry this wonderful item at a very affordable price. Cost me $7.49 plus tax. I love the name too: El Cowboy! I doubt that any cowboy would scrub their clothes clean on a washboard. But this shiny new tool sure made my wet felting much easier. Suave!
Forget about bubble wrap folks! You need "El Cowboy" in your home!

I will share some photos of my new felted eggs later this weekend.


ziezo said...

Cool name! You have to show on how you have been using it, I am very interested in that.

germandolls said...

I am still learning, Andrea. It's so much fun playing with wool. ;)