Monday, February 25, 2013

Critters in the Snow...

We got more snow this weekend. About 5 inches of snow fell yesterday. A couple more of those blizzards and we would not have to worry about the drought any more....

The bad part was: Lots of backbreaking snowshoveling we had to do. The good part: We got to play in the snow.

Lots of fun furry critters showed up yesterday.

As I peeked out my window yesterday morning there was a strange sight. Something stuck out by the corner of roof where the gutters end. At first we thought it was a big lump of snow. Can you tell what it is?

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After digging out our pick-up truck we hit the sledding slopes. There is one great hill by the University Campus. A few years ago the administration discussed getting rid of  this hill to put another building there. We are so glad the senate members protested. All kids - big and small - congregate here after a big snowfall. We have seen the strangest vehicles of transportation used to get down that hill. From old suitcases,  to cushions wrapped in plastic, over coolers, to a shopping cart - we have seen it all. Yesterday we spotted a big raft.

Everybody had fun! I hope you got some snow too.

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