Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ex Benedict

Okay, since I am German, I figured I need to make a statement about Pope Benedict's retirement.

Really? I didn't know that popes could quit their job. Did you? I swear, us Germans are not quitters. Once we decide to do something, we usually see things through to the bitter end. No matter how stupid or bad the consequences may be.

Well, I am really surprised here. I say: Good for you, Benedict! After all, this is a position of great power. Probably best to hand over the stearingwheel to someone who is younger and firmer. Why hang on to a job you feel you can't do well any more?

Egg Benedict...

It's kind of sad for Germans. Who knows if we will ever have a German pope again. I think the chances are pretty low. I'd be even more surprised if they voted for a cardinal from a Third World country.
Pope waving Good-Bye from his egg

In the photos you can see my take on the whole situation. The little doll with the tall pink hat represents the pope. Of course, it's a blond and blue eyed guy with a very tall hat. Remember the controversies around his Nazi past when he was first elected? He was a member of the Hitler youth. Duh, so was my dad. Everybody had to be - or there were harsh consequences for your family during the Nazi regime.

Bye, Bye, Benedict!  I hope you get a few more good years of studying and meditating in.

May the new guy be a good leader and use his power wisely!

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