Saturday, May 26, 2012

Purple Pixie and other Flower Fairies

I have enjoyed my little excursion into the world of miniature dollhouse dolls. In the process I had a chance to teach my daughter how to sew a doll dress and a pair of tiny pixieshoes. There was a lot of footstomping and sighing. When in life do we learn patience? I remember not being the most patient person as a child myself when I was learning to knit. I would get quite mad about dropped stitches and come crying to my mother to fix it.

Pink Flower Fairy on Sofa

How do you teach a 11-year-old that the skills I have now took over 30 years to be perfected? She gets so frustrated when I am trying to teach her. If you have some good tips, please share them with me. I thought chosing a small project like a tiny doll gown would be a good start. Maybe I was wrong?
Time for a nap after a long day of playtime.

Anyone hungry for some stew?

At least we got to have fun getting the old dollhouse downstairs and cleaned up. We took some pictures of the new dollhouse people to see how they would fit inside. Hope you like the dolls and the photos.

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