Monday, May 14, 2012

Celeste and the Field Trip

Meet the Celeste. She will be joining me and my daughter's 5th grade class on a trip around Colorado this week. We have various stops planned for hiking and sightseeing. I will share the photos on the NaturalKids blog in a couple of weeks. This post will be part of a new series by NaturalKids Team members showing folks where we live.
In case you didn't know: The NaturalKids Team is a group of sellers who specialize in creating Natural Toys, clothing, and childrens' products. Please, visit our site and support this awesome group of stay-at-home mom and pop shops.

Here is Celeste waving Hello & Good-Bye for now...


ziezo said...

She's such a cutie! Looking forward to the post.

Mike said...

I love the dolls red shirt and the white stars on it. I also love how the doll is waving to me.