Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Babies Moving out

For a little while it was bit sad over here. So many babies hanging around the house without a home to go to. But I am happy to report that 4 babies have been "adopted" recently so the doll "orphanage" its emptying out a bit. ;)

The baby from my last post moved to the UK yesterday. Safe travels, little one! Hope you enjoy living in merry old England. It will be quite a change from Colorado...

Another doll has moved to the East Coast. A third will find a home just around the corner. Gal number four is still waiting in the wings. Adoption papers were signed but her destination is not clear yet.

It is always hard to let go of them. Spending all that time making them, one does get attached to the babies. But it's also good to let go and be able to have room for new dolls. Our house is small. After all, that's the reason I started selling my dolls. Many years ago my husband got tired of all the dolls hanging around the sofa. He said:" Honey, why don't you sell a couple on Ebay?" And that's how my little business got started.

Since then I have sewn many dolls. I lost count of how many. But I am sure they are all living happy little lives somewhere in the world...

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Nancy Reid said...

And making other little lives happy!
Thank you for sharing your talents. You are gifted.