Friday, March 2, 2012

On the Way to Recovery

I got four stitches on the inside of my left cheek. They are driving me crazy. Wish I could go in there and snip the ends off like I do on my dolls. Looks like I am on my way to recovery. I definitely don't recommend having such a procedure done while awake. It ranked somewhere between a nine and ten on the scale of weird things I have experienced in my life...Just hoping this is the end of it.

I couldn't work on my photos outside because we got more snow in Colorado. It figures, while everyone is complaining about global warming, it's freezing and wet here.

So I took some new photos of my colorful bunny creations indoors. I think they turned out pretty nice. The little pink fellow sold already in my shop. Maybe the photos could be a little brighter?

What do you think? I took them during an overcast day in the early morning hours. Maybe I should have waited until a little later in the day. Or should I have added some artificial lighting? Must look up how-tos of taking good indoor photos.

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