Saturday, March 10, 2012

How Sweet it is to be Loved by You...

Wow. Check it out! I got the sweetest letter in the mail this week. It was a real morale booster. These are the moments when I most love my job. I got a  real letter! How many people still write real letters and send them through snail mail? In this fast-paced world everyone goes to the internet. Posts a picture on Facebook or shares what they feel and think online.

I got a REAL LETTER & PHOTOS by a customer. I can take it out and read it over if I need to. I can keep it in a box for posterity to read after I'm long gone. Maybe it could end up in a museum.
How much information or power of the human touch is lost over the internet? I am in awe that somebody took the time and sat down to write to me.

I feel so honored, and special, and appreciated, and loved.

It made me cry.

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