Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Doll and A Prayer

Some Babies are Born into this World with a Silver Spoon in their mouth.

I certainly was not that kind of baby.

At least I had my mother's total love and devotion.

Some Babies don't even get that...

It makes me so sad to think that every day there are precious babies born into this world whose mothers cannot raise them because they are too young, too poor, or too consumed by a lifestyle of partying and drugs, or whatever keeps them from loving their babies the way nature intended.

I devoted my day yesterday to making a doll baby for a sweet little gal. I am praying that she will grow up to be a strong woman surrounded by her grandma's love...

I sewed up this doll trying to put lots of love in it. Each stitch is a prayer that little Arabella will be Okay.

This is a First Doll For Baby. But more than that it is and a Prayer for all the Little ones who need Somebody - other than their parents - to care for them!

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Happy Whimsical Hearts said...

How beautiful, a doll full of love and prayers