Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Little Crow Doll

I am currently working on a birthday present for a little girl who is of Native American descent. I am having a blast with it.

At first I was very hesitant to get started on the project. There seemed to be a lot of obstacles concerning the materials. The doll is for a family with ties to the Crow Nation. I received some really cool photos of various elk tooth dresses. The first photo I received of greatgrandma was in black and white and looked very old. I did a search for images on the Internet, too. I found the same problem. Lots of old photographs. The dresses looked like they were a brownish red, maybe?  And where does one find doll-sized elk teeth?

I found a cool shop in town that actually sells elk teeth. They were really expensive though ($17 per tooth) and when I saw how big they were I knew they wouldn't work on a doll dress anyway.

My alternative was white beads made from cow bones. I also solved the color problem and decided to make the dress green. It was so much fun receiving new photographs of current style Native American dresses. I loved the bright colors on them. Reminded me of going to the Denver PowWow.

I know this dress will need a few more beads. I'll have to run back to the shop and get a few more. Better watch out so I don't spend all my money...at the Old West Leather Company.

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