Monday, July 22, 2013

Fair Time

It's time for the annual Weld Conty Fair once again. We love to go and see all the kids work with the animals they raised. For some kids it's really hard because they know they have to say "Good Bye" to the critter they raised, take it to market, and sell it to be butchered.

Honestly, I couldn't do it. I don't think my kids could. These are the days we want to turn vegetarian...

Here are some shots of cute pigs and other critters I took at the fair.


Inspired by what I saw at the Fair I had to pull out my Piggy fabric and make a cute outfit for my dolls. Isn't it darling? Everthing matches down to her little shoes with felt applicques of tiny pigs.

If you would like to purchase this sweet GermanDolls darling you can leave me a comment or contact me via email. She is 12 inch tall and comes with shirt, farmer overalls, shoes, and pink undershorts.

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ziezo said...

She's such a cutie Ulla! I am certain she will have a new home in no time.