Friday, July 19, 2013

Can't Wait for Fall

I can't wait for fall. When it gets too hot I go in the basement and sort through my fabric bins. In the process I found a piece of this lovely Japanese linen fabric with fall colors.

I love the bright oranges, yellows, green, and brown on it. I made a dress that still needs a wearer. Who will it be?

It's fun to go through one's stash once in a while. I have cut way back and bought a lot less fabric this year. Our house is just too small to keep a lot of fabric around. I got another lecture recently about how I have too many bins of fabric.

Some day I'll have my own big sewing room with enough space to hold my fabric. I get kind of tired of stumping up an down stairs all day long. But then, it's good exercise. ;)

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Karen Traversy said...

Very sweet doll!
I am ready for autumn because it is too darn hot here in New England!

germandolls said...

Thanks, Karen! Hope you get some cooler weather soon! You'd think being near an ocean would help...