Sunday, March 3, 2013

To Blush or not to Blush?

I cannot decide. I just finished this cute doll in a shamrock dress. She has light skin. The original plan was to give her freckles. But now I just like her the way she is.

Normally I blush my dolls' cheeks.

What do you think? Add blusher or go natural?
Any name suggestions for this gal?


ziezo said...

She's gorgeous as she is Ulla!

How about an Irish name? Eileen. . .

ziezo said...

I'm in so much trouble. . . my daughter is absolutely in love with her after naming her.

Time to give her an allowance and for her to start saving.

germandolls said...

Thanks, Andrea. I think I will name her that. I love that name!I don't want your daughter to be sad. What to do?