Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Memories of Cooking

I think cooking together as a family is so much fun. I also find it important that we teach our children how to cook as they are getting older. I don't want them to go off to college and feel as helpless in the kitchen as some of my roommates in Berlin were. Honestly, there was this guy, who cooked pasta and cracked a raw egg on top it stirred it around, threw some ketchup on it - and called that a meal. Really dude? But most of the time he'd beg food off of other people, his excuse being that he didn't know how to cook.

I am very glad my mother taught me a thing or two. I still wish I had learned more from her and asked her more questions about cooking when she was around. But now that she is gone all I have left is the memories of the meals we cooked together as I was growing up. Pretty much every weekend was spent cooking and baking with my mother. I hope I can pass on some of those skills to my children and hopefully answer all their questions.

We cook together as a family as often as we can. Have you ever heard of Naan? It's a type of flatbread from India. Not exactly a German food and something I would have cooked with my mom but we decided to give it a try the other day. I had made it once before during a visit with my oldest sister in Germany. Do you sense a theme here?

If you want to try the Naan recipe we used, you can find  it on the NaturalKids team blog. I hope you try it. At first glance it may look a bit complicated and like a lot of work. But I promise it's not that hard and your kids will love making it. We served it on the side with a chicken curry dish. It was really delicious and there was none left over.

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