Friday, March 29, 2013

Magic Word

You know how you sometimes have a song stuck in your head and can't think of anything else. Well with me it's not a song. It's this little poem written by Joseph von Eichendorff, one of my favorite German poets.

Don't know why it's stuck in my head right now. Maybe because I am feeling a bit melancholic these days. Anywho, I hope you like this poem, too. Maybe you want to go and read up on good old Joseph. I think he got homesick quite a bit...

„Schläft ein Lied in allen Dingen,

Die da träumen fort und fort,

Und die Welt hebt an zu singen,

Triffst du nur das Zauberwort.“

There is a song sleeping in all things

that are dreaming on and on,

And the world starts singing,

If only you find the magic word.

                                                   Do you have a favorite poem?


Linda said...

How lovely...

mrsbeccijo said...

Lovely, my favorite poems are ones my husband writes for me, it was what I first fell in love with, his words, before I even saw his face!

germandolls said...

wow, Beccijo! That is so wonderful. Do you ever share them?