Monday, March 18, 2013

The Gap

Maybe you noticed that there was a bit of a gap in my posts last week. I mean between my posts from the 6th and the 12th of this month. I wasn't sure whether I wanted to talk about what caused it. I still feel so vulnerable and sore about the topic. My computer was invaded by an evil stranger.

I am slowly getting over it. I guess it's just part of being online. If you have an online presence you must remember at all times that there are people out there on the internet who are not so nice. People who don't care about art and beautiful things.

Luckily a good Samaritan from my church who knows about computers helped me figure things out. Thank you, Chris! I just feel so very stupid that this happened to me. It all started with an innocent phonecall to what I thought was a helpline on Yahoo. Before I knew it, some evil person named "Sammy" - I doubt it's his real name - had total control over my computer. When all I wanted was for somebody to fix my an account I had lost access to - I got a scam artist trying to sell me a safety program for my computer at $399. How do these people do it? They prey on the innocent and stupid people like me.

If you read this, please mind my words. Don't ever click on links you don't know where they came from! Don't ever follow the directions given to you by a stranger on the phone. Talk to a buddy who knows about computers first and get them to help you. Stay safe on the Internet! End of rant.

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