Saturday, January 7, 2012

Working on Some Doll Heads

After the Christmas rush I was quite tired and worn out. It was high time to clean up my little one-room studio and get organized. I could not see the workbench any more for the piles of fabric and notions hither and yonder. Then I had to do the pesky paperwork. I swear I'd rather be making dolls than keeping track of receipts...

Next I thing I figured I was all out of dollheads. Had to start some new ones from scratch. This is the perfect activity for the first week of year if you ask me. Here is how they all start those little lovely children of mine.

Each Waldorf style doll, small or big, starts out with a wound ball of wool. It looks so easy, doesn't it? But if you ever tried you might find that it takes quite a bit of patience and skill to get perfectly round globes of wool. Even the littlest of my babies has a tiny ball of wool inside their head - all handmade! So please forgive me when I get a tad impatient with people asking me for a discount. I know $10.50 for a tiny baby may seem a lot of money to some folks. But you must understand that each little one was created with care and lots of love - all wound up in this tiny ball of wool. You cannot put a price on that really. Unfortunately I must!

If was a rich gal I swear I would give them all away for free...I'd give one to each kid I see crying in the street. I'd give one to each adult too, just because...they are so darn cute, and we all remain children at heart.

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