Monday, January 16, 2012

We Shall Overcome. Some Day!

For 3 years now I have been wanting to finish an African America Doll and post it on Dr. Martin Luther King's Birthday. This year it looks like I will finally make it. I have been working many hours last week to complete a set of 4 ethnically diverse dolls. Two of them are custom dolls that will be mailed out to their new homes on Wednesday. The two other dolls will be listed in my shop today and tomorrow. So take a peak and enjoy!

 It's been 16 years since I got my MA degree from the Free University of Berlin. I wrote my Master's Thesis on the History of Advertising and the changing image of African Americans in Advertising. In my thesis I discussed early ads for escaped slaves and ended with the hopeful ads from the Civil Rights period. I believe it was a pretty good paper. Back then I had hopes of publishing it some day. Well, I didn't. Hopefully somebody along the way found my work useful in their studies of the American society.

I named her Rosa after the famous Rosa Parks.
On this Martin Luther King Holiday one may ask have things really improved since the Civil Rights movement? Yes, the US has actually voted an African American into the highest office of the Nation. As a scholar of the Civil Rights movement I was elated when this happened.  But almost every day now I read about elements in society calling for acts of violence against the elected leader of this country. It makes me wonder will Dr. Martin Luther's Dream ever come true? I want to believe that some day we will be able to overcome all our differences and live in peace. I don't think we are there yet...

Happy Martin Luther King Day!

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