Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dolls in Progress...

Slowly some sweet babies are coming alive. In this picture you can see 4 different heads in the skin colors I offer. I have a pink flesh color, a yellowish beige color, mocha, and a dark chocolate brown. It's always interesting to me how different colored fabrics seem to have different stretch. Or is it just my imagination?
If you look closely you can detect that the dark brown fabric always ends up being a bit more lose and stretchy. Not sure why that is. I did everything the same.

Now off to decide what hair color to choose for a mocha doll. I have a request for golden mohair by a customer. I have never done this combination. I am not that daring a person. I usually go with black for brown hair for that skin color. But why not? There are a lot of blond children with darker skin out there. So tell me which of the two you prefer:

                                                           Is it the golden golden girl?

                                                               Or the medium blond girl?
When I first looked at the yarn I was sure it was the bright golden color. But now I am thinking the lighter color looks better...Decisions. Decisions.


Julie said...

I agree. when I first saw the bright golden I loved it, but scrolling down to the softer color... very soft and pretty! It suits her well. :)

Rachel~ At the Butterfly Ball said...

Not sure what you customer had in mind, but personally I think I like the medium blond hair a bit better. Both are very pretty though!

germandolls said...

Thank you! I appreciate your comments and help with this!