Friday, August 22, 2014

What children want

When I was little I only owned dolls with light skin that resembled my own coloring. When people ask for custom made dolls I have noticed that folks mostly ask for dolls that look like the child they are buying for.
In understand that desire. After all, the first doll I made for my daughter was blond and blue-eyed like her.

But now I remember that what I always wanted as a child was a doll that was different from me. I wanted to own a darling little black baby. In raising my own child, I noticed that she always seemed to prefer the dolls that were different from her. Maybe it's because as children we are not prejudiced. We have this wonderful curiosity about things that are different from us.

So now that I make waldorf dolls I love that  I can make up for the years of missing out on ethnic dolls. My favorite kind of dolls to make are dolls that have darker skin colors or are a different ethnic background from my own.

This is Elizabethmy sweet dark gal, in her two-pocket jumper dress.  She comes with two of my tiny little bonbon babies. They are so sweet! This set is listed in my Indieshop now!


Nancy Brown said...

So sweet. :)

germandolls said...

Thanks for your kind comment, Nancy!