Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Soft Pumpkin Baby

I know the last pumpkin baby is not exactly cheaply priced. It will go up for auction in my Indie-store soon. It is probably a doll that not a lot of folks can afford. But considering the amount of hours I put into my fully formed dolls (15 hours and more) I have decided that I can no longer sell them for under $250. So I try to keep simpler baby dolls around my shop for folks who can't afford the dress-up dolls with all their little doodads.

My little soft dolls are perfect for introducing youngsters to natural Waldorf dolls. I just mailed one to my little nephew in Germany. Hope he enjoys playing with this little blue feller.

This morning I finished the little orange dude you see here. Well, could be girl doll too. You decide!

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