Thursday, April 17, 2014

How to make a head for a Waldorf style doll

Since I was feeling very energetic this week I wrote a third tutorial. This one is about how to make a head for a waldorf style doll. It has all the information on how I make my sweet dollheads. I know there are many books and tutorials out there. But over the years I have found that there is information missing. I hope folks will find my tutorial useful and have this: Aha-moment (Oh this is how it's done) when they read it.

Maybe you have tried to make a doll and got frustrated because it didn't work out. I hope my tutorial will help you make a better head!

And then of course each doll maker has their own style and technique. In my tutorial I reveal my very own personal way of doing things. If you are curious you can get this PDF file in my Etsyshop now!

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