Friday, April 18, 2014


Today is my birthday. With each year I get older I find it harder to accept the number. How do you do it? I mean inside you still feel like a little kid. Where did those wrinkles and age spots come from? Can't decide whether to dye my hair or not. I don't like having my picture taken these days. Don't like any of the photos. How does one get to the stage of acceptance?

Mini-Me in her Birthday Suit

Any tips or advice? All I know is I still love playing with dolls. Does a girl ever get too old for that? You tell me!


woolies said...

Happy Birthday Ulla! I rejoice in birthdays cause it means I'm still here. Aging is natural - I don't expect to look like I'm 29. Enjoy your day!!

linda said...

Happy Birthday, Ulla. I hate my birthday, too, but maybe for different reasons. I hate how it's supposed to be such a 'perfect' day and I get upset it everyone makes a fuss over me and I also get upset if my family forgets. It's such a loaded day. I turned 46 on March 26th. Let's be happy that we had yet another trip around the sun and fingers crossed that we get many, many more. ;) Mwah.

germandolls said...

That's it exactly, Linda! One has such high expectations of birthdays. We have been trained from early childhood on that that this day is oh so special. Then, it really is like any other old day, just that you are bit older...Thanks for your thoughts and happy late birthday to you. 1968 was a good year. =)
@Sara Thank YOU! Yes, I know I will not ever look like 29 again. But can I just have some of that energy back, pretty please?